Night Huntress fanmix



All I believe and all I've known
Are being taken from me back at home
Yeah do your worst, when worlds collide
Let their fear collapse, bring no surprise
Cat/Bones po prvním díle

Traveling like the light

I try to deny when my soul feels butterflies
And I try to resist when you say that it's alright
And I try to believe that it's nothing but a cross
But it's incredible, so incredible
Cat, když si uvědomí, že miluje Bonese

Cry Me A River

You told me you loved me
Why did you leave me, all alone?
Now you tell me you need me
When you call me, on the phone
Konec prvního, začátek druhého dílu


Why is everything with you so complicated
Why do you make it hard to love you
Oh I hate it
Cos if you really wanna be alone
I will throw my hands up cos baby I tried
But everyday with you is so complicated
krize mezi Cat a Bonesem (4. díl)


so i can feel you here with me

soaked in sin
baptized by your kiss and now i'm born again
bite your lip
wrap my hands around your head and pull you in
Cat (1. díl)

Love The Way You Lie

Now this gravel in our voices
glass is shattered from the fight.
In this tug of war, you'll always win
even when I'm right.
Cause you feed me fables from your hand,
With violet words and empty threats
and it's sick that all these battles
are what keeps me satisfied.


Still know her way
As I learn to live long
In a mind I'm proud to roam
She's elusive
And I'm awake
You're finally real
Bones (o Cat- 1. a začátek 2. dílu)


The razors and the dying roses
Plead I don't leave you alone
The demi-gods and hungry ghosts
God, god knows I'm not at home

I'll never
Find someone quite like you

As The Rush Comes

we drift deeper life goes on
we drift deeper drift deeper
we drift deeper into the song
life goes on
Cat/Bones (začátek jejich vztahu)


Been up all night staring at you
Wondering what's on your mind
I've been this way with so many before
But this feels like the first time
Cat/Bones (když už jsou spolu delší dobu- 3. díl?)

The Lonely

Dancing slowly in an empty room
Can the lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby
Then you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again
Cat (začátek 2. dílu)

Smoke Without Fire

f I'd known you were cheating me,
I would have saved myself and set you free.
If I learned you weren't the loving kind,
I would have saved some peace of mind.

My friends told me you would break my heart,
And never last, we would surely part.
Cat (při téhle písničce si Cat představuju u Vlada :), a ten kamarád o kterém se zpívá je samozřejmě Tate xD)

Don't forget me

Theres just one thing that I need to hear
Before I walk away for the last time
Theres just one thing that I need to see
Before I take this chance and set us free
Cat (konec 1. dílu)

Beethoven's 7th Symphony, the 2nd Movement